Hedging or screening plants can provide for privacy, noise or wind blocking. They can be shaped and trimmed into various shapes and sizes in order to draw attention and become an eye-catching garden feature. For example, box hedge plants are popular for creating borders around distinct sections of the garden. There are many options available depending on the purpose, aspect and location. Buxus, Viburnum, Photinia, Cherry Laurel and Native shrubs are the most common choices, but there are also many other great options available.

Shrubs are an essential element of any garden. They can be left to grow naturally or clipped into hedges. Their foliage comes in many colours including greens, yellows, silver and scarlet. Many shrubs also produce masses of flowers, some even year-round. Our small shrubs are ideal for foreground planting, they are also great garden fillers and many can be used for low borders and hedges. Remember, when planting to use Active 8 soil improver and planting mix to get your plants off to the best possible start.

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