Roses can complement many garden styles and because of their versatility they can be used in different ways to achieve the desired effect.

Floribunda roses give a mass of colour over a long period. The flowers are usually smaller than a Hybrid Tea and are produced in large clusters. Well suited to form attractive borders and hedges. Plant approximately 50cm to 1m apart.

Hybrid Tea roses bear classic full flowers, mainly one per long stem. Many have a fragrance and are excellent for cut flowers and are taller than the floribundas. Plant approximately 1m apart.

Shrub roses are the older species roses, modern species roses and David Austin English roses. They are very different in their habit and growth and are ideal to fill areas of the garden with colourful and healthy roses that bloom freely all season. Plant approximately 1m apart.

Ground cover roses provide a mass of colour over a long period. They are easy to grow, being extremely hardy and disease free. Ideal for mass planting. Plant approximately 60cm apart.

Standard roses are grafted at 90cm and are ideal for adding height to a garden and creating a formal appearance if planted in a row. Plant approximately 1.2m apart. Bare rooted trees are available for sale from June to August.

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