For convenient one stop shopping we also stock a wide range of garden and landscape products to choose from. Products available include mulches, woodchip, turf underlay, garden mix and much more.

The benefits of using mulch on your garden;

  • Mulching reduces evaporation so you need to use less water and waterless.
  • Mulching keeps the soil temperatures cooler. This enables many plants that need cooler roots to thrive while still being in sunlight to flower.
  • Mulch attracts earthworms. This adds to the health of the soil through aeration and nutrients in the form of worm casts.
  • Mulching helps to maintain good soil structure by allowing plants to have maximum access to moisture and oxygen.
  • Mulching is also an effective and environmentally friendly way of controlling weeds without the use of chemicals.

Pick up is welcome or feel free to take advantage of our delivery service (delivery fee applicable). Please ring to obtain charges.

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